Agagrand Construction Ltd has been an active entity in construction related fields for over fifteen years. Founded in 2000, Agragand has gradually expanded from a local-based company into a country wide business through dogged hard work and respect for the client. Our company undertakes the construction and renovation of private, commercial and public buildings, while it also engages in the field of technical projects such as land separation and road construction.

Our clients include both individuals and companies across a broad spectrum of sectors, thus giving us the opportunity to apply our extensive know-how and experience to a great variety of projects. We can successfully carry out construction works of different sizes and difficulty, from small housing units to complex large-scale infrastructures. Having been on the market for a great number of years enables us to successfully handle every challenge, work hard under any circumstances and provide our customers with high-standard buildings made of premium quality structural materials according to strict safety criteria.

The company is registered with the Board of Employers Registration and Control and holds a Grade C license for the construction of technical works. This license allows the company to claim and undertake large-scale construction work in the whole of Cyprus.


Already recognized as a leading construction company in its chosen markets, Agagrand aims at pursuing excellence through dedication and expanding into new areas that build on the company’s competencies and customer interests. By showing and maintaining the highest level of professionalism, we seek to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver infrastructures of high aesthetics and solutions to existing and potential clients.


We take pride in our core values.

Uncompromising Integrity

Customer Loyalty

Commitment & Reliability

Quality Work

Safe Work Environment

Customer Orientation

Dedicated Team


Agagrand Constructions Ltd is a company that employees want to work for. The spirit of teamwork is one of the most important principles governing our company, making it one the largest private sector construction companies in Cyprus. A great number of employees has been with the company since the very beginning, while when it comes to hiring new talents we seek the best and the brightest, with the education, skills and experience required to become an integral part of an already successful team.

Our team consists of over 150 hardworking professionals of various disciplines, embracing and adopting the core company values. At Agagrand we are well aware that team effort is required to successfully undertake and execute a high-quality project and this is why we invest in our employees, by providing a bespoke training and creating an engaged workforce for the benefit our clients.