Who We Are

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Agagrand Construction Ltd is a privately-owned construction company that is active in the construction and renovation of private, commercial and public buildings as well as in the field of technical projects such as land separation and road construction.

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Whether you need a new addition added to your existing home, or interior renovations of any type you can guarantee you are getting the best service and quality of work.Learn More »

Building Diagnosis/Consulting

We determine the causes of problems in buildings and find solutions. Our holistic process of data collection methods and techniques regarding inspection and analysis of buildings/structures is unparalleled.Learn More »


Are you interested in designing and building your own home? If so, then Agagrand construction can help you make your dream a reality.Learn More »


We build commercial projects ensuring they are built promptly and decisively. We make sure our commercial construction services fit both your overall needs and long-term vision.Learn More »

Government Projects

Through public-private partnership, a collaboration method between private companies and public clients, we deliver large public infrastructure projects across Cyprus.Learn More »


We work on many notable building, infrastructure and development projects. You can find a selection of our projects by visiting the link below.

Notable Partners